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2010 Memorial Setup

For Memorial Day Weekend 2010, Free-mo module owners in Utah hosted a multigroup setup. The group had scheduled the run at Camp Williams between Provo and Salt Lake City. Because of a last minute scheduling conflict it looked like the event might not happen. However, Mike Nelson was able to secure warehouse space recently vacated by his employer in Provo. As a result the group was able to setup the layout for an extended period of time spanning three weekends. The extended setup resulted in a laid back atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to work on modules. The core layout consisted of modules owned by Mike Nelson, Sterling Moore, Jim Moore, Bill Schlotthauer. Mike and Sterling each setup their return loops, which when combined with Sterling' Yard and Mike's long passing sidings allowed for the operation of longer trains. Jim's corner and long section single track mainline scenery contribed flexibility and helped create distance between sidings. Bill's module, Brendel Jct, served as the lead to the branchline. Sterling's module set based on Sterling Colorado anchored the branch. The rest of the branch varied during the setup. Bud Rogers from Free-mo LA goined the group Memorial Day weekend, bringing his White Hourse module set which plugged into the branch. Dave Winkler also joined in on Memorial Day Weekend driving down from Tremonton, UT with his IFA module.

All involved agree, this was the best setup the group has ever had.

The Layout

The Pictures

BC Rail AC4400's visit Sterling, CO as they power its freight town.

UP 6263, a patched SP AC440 leads a trio of power on the head end of an empty autorack tain.

GP35 demonstrator works a local on Bud Roger's White Hourse module set.

The multi-week setup allowed work on modules, including scenery on Jim Moore's corner seen here.

More work completed during the setup was scenery countouring on Mike Nelson's new module set, Grassy.

A close up view of Mike's new modules based on Grassy, UT where the Rio Grande crosses the Price River for the last time headed east.

Overview of the layout, starting at Mike's Loop across module's now owned by Jim Moore.

Trains proceeded through Faust, now owned by Mike Nelson, through the yard and then through Sphynx.

A zoomed in shot of the yard, showing the signals at West Faust and East Sphynx.

Trains passed through Sphynx, then at Brendel could proceed down the the branch or through wash (foreground) towards Mounds. In the background, the warehouse space allowed Mike and Sterling's trailers to be stored indoors.

A similar view from a different vantage.

A view down the branch from Brendel towards Sterling and White Horse.

After passing through Wash trains head toward Mounds.

On the way to Mounds, trains pass through Mounds extension and Jim's curve before arriving at the loop.

A good shot showing the overview of the layout.

All photos by Scott Gentry.

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