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Pictures from the Wasatch Rails

Held November 1-3, 2002 in the Grand Building at the Utah State Fairpark.

The Utah Free-mo group set up at Wasatch Rails 2002. This was our third show this year. Attendance was light at the show, but it was better than the show the year before (actually it was probably better than the last several shows). There were several people who expressed interest in the Free-mo concept. The large loop being built by Mike Nelson made its debut at the show. Mike was on hand Thursday night to set up the loop with the help of Jim Moore. The yard and the rest of the layout arrived throughout the morning Friday. We were set up and running well before the four o'clock deadline, thanks in part to Mike Nelson's tripod mounted laserlevel.

The Layout

The layout also saw the introduction of several other new "true" Free-mo modules. Bill Schlotthauer brought his new pair of four foot modules. Mike Hansen surprised us by having his set of Jct Modules ready for the show. Mike has built a set of three, three foot modules with a short siding and a branch line. He has completed three additional modules to extend the branch about seven feet. Mike took advantage of the Free-mo concept and built shorter modules that he could easily load and unload by himself. Not to mention that they are also easier to haul and store.

Finishing out the layout was the converted East Moore Yard. The set of four eight foot modules that make up the yard proper had some extensive work done to upgrade them before this show. The modules were formerly 36" wide and were cut down to 28 to make them lighter. They were built using a solid sheet of plywood topped with a sheet of " homasote. The modules had also been stored vertically on their ends for a period of several years and were badly bowed. After the modules were cut down a new side of 3/4" birch plywood was attached under the plywood, rather than to the side. This helped straiten the modules considerably. The four yard modules and the eight foot stand alone diesel shop module are jointly owned by Jim Moore and Adam Eastman.

I did not take pictures of all the modules. I also neglected to take pictures during setup and tear-down that show some of the construction ideas. Thank goodness Al Barnes had his nifty new digital along, only problem is that he is learning to use his camera just like me. So the image quatlity wasn't that good to start with, and then I compressed the files which didn't help any either. But at least they load faster! Anway, a promise is a promise after all, and I did promise to post pictures. So enjoy these.

Looking down the layout from the tail end of East Moore Yard.

Looking back the other direction from Turnville.

Amtrak #6 The westbound Zypher passes through Knight Jct.

A better view of #6 as it comes past the elevator at Knight Jct.

The switcher just finished working a cut of cars at the Happy Valley Canning in Circleville.

Looking back at the HV Canning plant.

Amtrak #5 passes the Old Farmhouse at Nelson Farms.

#5 on the approach to the crossovers at Circleville. Nelson's big red barn is in the distance.

#5 comes under the Hwy. 6 overpass parallening SR89.

#6 later in the day at the Hwy6 overpass.

Another shot of the same train.

Previous Photos by Adam Eastman

Another Look down the length of the layout from the end of East Moore Yard. Visable in the background is Mike Hansen's Branch line and the Turnville Loop beyond. To the Right of the Loop are members Mike Teasdale (L) and Ted York(R) discussing the modules they are going to build one of these first days.

Group Member Al Schmuhl rails an SP SD45 in the yard.

Adam Eastman (L) and Al (R) test the throttle with Al's SD45. Those two Rio Grande Puppies (GP-30's) sure do look sharp as they get ready to cut that hack of the back end of a cut of hoppers.

Moving down the layout to the Town of East Moore. The industrial section of town is sandwidched between the yard and the shop complex. From L to R are rail customers Belmont Candy Co., Nusink's Feed and Supply, the local Co-Op Elevator and the Scott Dairy Distributor.

The next modules are the Diesel shop and Bill Schlotthauer's Knight Jct both visable in this shot.

This is a good shot of the branch line built by Mike Hansen. In the background is the East Moore Yard and Illustrator Gil Bennett.

Bill Schlotthauer (L) and Mike Hansen (R) tack up skirting around the Turnville loop while Mike Nelson (inside loop) connects some bridge rails. Mike Teasdale and Ted York are still discussing their plans for modules.

Mike Nelson connect brindge rails on his loop modules while Adam Eastman is visable working at the table inside the loop. And oh yeah, Mike (L) and Ted (R) continue their conversation about module building. One of these first days....

Photos by Al Barnes

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