Our Layouts

Utah Free-mo is a group of modelers building HO modules. Individual group members bring their modules together to form a large layout that is realisticly operated. The layout is run in a point-to-point fashion. It is never our intention to form a large loop to run trains in a continuous circle.

The group is following the modular standards developed by Free-mo.org. All standards, including the 50 inch height, wiring, etc are strictly adhered to in an effort to insure that our modules are compatible with others that are being built by clubs in other western states, and nationally. Our group has participated in numberous multiple-group layouts in Utah, California, Colorado, and Arizona, creating large layouts for significant shows and conventions. The concept behind Free Mo railroading isn’t a new idea. The concept originated in in Europe where they have been building modular layouts using this Free modular concept for some time.

Our Modules

Our Layouts

Since the layout is modular it can take on many shapes and sized to fit the space. Below are the diagrams of many of the shows we have attended. As you scroll down you can see the growth of the group as new modules and participants from other groups have allowed us to set up more complex layouts.

November 2002

March 2003

November 2003

Jan 2004

March 2004

November 2004

January 2005

March 2005

November 2005

January 2006

March 2006

November 2006

World’s Greatest Hobby, Sandy UT 2012

November 2007

Evanston 2016

Evanston 2017

Evanston 2019

Evanston 2020

Orem Mall April 2021

Evanston 2021

More detailed information about the layouts set up at specific shows has been posted on the Show Page . As you can see from the diagrams, our layout has grown significantly over this time period as new modules have been built. Since 2007 Utah Free-mo members have setup their modules in conjunction with other groups. Size constraints and other issues have kept the group from setting up frequently at local shows. However, the group has set up at the Evanston Roundhouse Festival in 2011, Worlds Greatest Hobby Show in Sandy, UT in 2012

Memorial Day 2010

Evanston Roundhouse Festival 2011

World’s Greatest Hobby, Sandy UT 2012

Evanston Roundhouse Festival 2012